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London Avenue Road project 2018/A9

Each light fixture was specially designed for each space by interior designer Sissy Feida.
All light fixtures were manufactured by Psarrakos.

12-meter bespoke crystal chandelier

The interior designer Sissy Feida designed and studied the installation of all crystals, one by one, in 3 different shades, creating a 12 meter crystal chandelier that connects functionality with art.
The 12 meter chandelier was installed by Psarrakos’ team on the central stairs crossing the 9 floors of the residence and Psarrakos gave an exclusive installation guarantee.

by sissy feida

manufacture & installation
by psarrakos

Benefits of working with Psarrakos 

Psarrakos S.A. is the Greek leader light fixture manufacturer in Greece over  the last decades.
In the last 12 years, Psarrakos specializes in international projects and cooperates with  renowned interior designers. Psarrakos S.A.  invests constantly on high level craftsmanship and modern technology equipment.

Multilingual team with English and German fluent speakers

Video conference during the manufacturing process

Team with long experience in international projects


10 Years Guarantee with written detailed materials' description

All products in the catalogue are usually in stock

10 days production time for product customization


„The flat hierarchy enables us to apply human resources strategies efficiently to reflect and realize the designers’ creativity.
Each project each moment is a special case.“

Christina Konstantinidou Lezkidou

Psychologist (BS) Human Resources, STRA.MA. Leonberg

„We realize designers’ creativity with no limits in shapes, materials and colors to achieve the fixture that will light their projects.
This is our way to live our passion for lighting“

Georgios Psarrakos





„I am Christina Konstantinidou Lezkidou, based in Germany,
handling and managing the international business activity of Psarrakos S.A.
Contact me to start our next project.“

STRA.MA. Leonberg
Christina Konstantinidou Lezkidou

international sales representative of psarrakos s.a.